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If your environment gets consistently cold during the winter or has extended periods of ice and snow that feeding wild birds during the winter can make a huge impact on their survival during the winter months? Winter storms can cut off many birds from their natural food supplies and can cause them to starve. Backyard feeding can make a difference.

Hanging Bird Feeders during the winter months not only provides the birds with easy access to food it’s rewarding and enjoyable for the whole family.

At City Home and Garden we are thrilled with our new collection of Bird Feeders. They are bright, fun and add a modern feel to any space.

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You’ve waited a long time to get outdoors to enjoy your backyard.  Your garden beds are ready, your planters look fabulous, your outdoor furniture has been pulled out of hibernation and staged to look like a photo pulled right out of House and Home magazine but something is missing. All your efforts to mimic the comforts from your indoor space are lacking one thing… lighting. Sure you have adorned your space with lanterns and patio lights but what you really need to complete the setting are beautiful made in Canada modern Torches.

City Home and Garden offers a wonderful variety of modern Torches suitable for all garden styles. Our Torches are made of high quality materials right here in Canada. Below is just a nibble of what is available.


Absolute Torch $120


Glacier Torch $120

Twig Torch

Garden Torch $120


For information regarding the fuel used for the Torches please visit our sister site Outdoor Fireplace Canada. Torches are available for purchase on City Home and Garden.

Check out the video below for a tidbit of what’s new for Spring 2013.

Here’s a little teaser to get you excited about Spring and Summer.


Bee Napkin Rings

Bring some buzz to the dinner table with this endearing metal napkin ring, featuring an antique brass finish. Comes in a set of 6.

$22.50/6 pcs

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With the holidays just around the corner now’s the time to start thinking about your shopping list. We have a fantastic holiday special we think you will love. Purchase one Body Butter and one Butter Scrub from the same scent (Lavender, Beach, Marigold) and you will receive one free body wash and one free Marigold Lip Tint.

During the cold winter months ahead our skin is going to need some tlc so take advantage of this fantastic offer. Ordering is easy. Simply add one Butter and one Scrub of your choice to your shopping cart from City Home and Garden and we will include your free lotion and lip with your package.

Perfect for gift giving to a loved one or yourself.


Offer ends December 15, 2012.

For more information about these products or to purchase visit City Home and Garden. For a detailed list of ingredients please visit our blog for our Body Care Products .

City Home and Garden is thrilled to carry a new collection of fashionable handbag accessories known as Purse Hooks or Purse Hangers.
Purse Hooks are a practical and stylish fashion accessory that are appealing and useful to women of all ages. Our purse hooks or hangers are attractive accessories that sit securely on tabletops, so there is no need to have to place your valuable handbag on a dirty floor. Most importantly your bag is visible providing you with a sense of security.
Our Purse Hooks come in two forms, foldable and non-foldable. With the foldable styles the arm wraps itself around the centre piece allowing it to fit in the smallest places. With the non-foldable the arm does not fold or bend but will still tuck away easily in almost any handbag.

Foldable Purse Hook

Non-foldable Purse Hook

All of our purse hooks come with their own velvet pouch.

City Home and Garden offers many styles from classic to trendy to super chic. They make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Graduations, Shower gifts, Bridal Party Gifts or just as a hostess gift.

Ladies, we all know how much you value your handbags, so keep your handbag off the floor with a beautiful purse hook.

To view our entire collection please visit City Home and Garden.

City Home and Garden is thrilled to offer our readers a chance to win $100 of Natural Skin Care products from our NBW line. It’s so easy to enter.

Here’s how,
Step number 1. Go to NBW’s facebook page and “like” their page.
Step number 2. Comment on NBW’s wall and say “City Home and Garden sent me”.
Please note you must have a Facebook Account.
Only available to Canadian Customers.
It’s that easy. NBW will select a winner from City Home and Garden entries. Contest ends September 30, 2012. Good luck everyone!

We hope you are having a fantastic Summer so far. Sure it’s hot, really hot but not that we’re complaining right?  Well, maybe just a little.

Even in this heat I do enjoy spending time outdoors in our garden. When it gets dreadfully hot there is always a place to escape from the heat, whether it’s on the porch or our little shady nook, summer is far too short to not make the most of it.

When we purchased our home almost ten years ago I was so excited about having a backyard. I had big hopes of following in my mother’s foot steps of becoming a master gardener. We allocated a small area of our backyard to grow vegetables. Unfortunately for whatever reason, whether it was lack of sun or just lack of knowledge the veggies did not grow. That space became a work area and eventually just a big ol mess.


During Spring cleaning this year I realized that it was time to re-visit this area and turn it into a useable space.

The first thing I did was remove the composter. Because of the compost program in Toronto we had no need for it so I put an ad in Kijiji for a FREE composter, placed it on the sidewalk and within and hour it was gone. The next thing I did was dig out the huge juniper. I really loved it but it was just too big for the space. I gave the juniper to a friend where it now lives on. I also dug out our False Spirea which is now in my neighbor’s back yard. I cleaned out the area, leveled the soil and laid down some extra flag stones that we had left over from our patio. We didn’t have enough of them so we had to purchase a few more. I hadn’t given up on the idea of a veggy garden so I asked my husband to build a raised veggy bed using cedar planks. I currently have a monster of a tomato plant growing and some herbs but I am still learning and know next year not to plant my herbs too close to a mammoth tomato plant.



I  removed one side of the screen divider to open up the space. I bought a bunch of plants and river rocks and created a little garden. This space gets hot in mid day so an umbrella was a must – rather than buying a second umbrella (we had one for our table on the deck) my husband had an idea to dig a deep hole where we wanted the umbrella to go and placed a plastic pipe in the hole. Our umbrella pole sits in that pipe. When we aren’t using the umbrella we cover the hole with a rock to keep the rain out. It works beautifully.

At night we relax in the space enjoying our gel fuel  fire burner.

So now we have utilized every square inch of our yard however, our garden is constantly evolving so who knows what next year will bring.